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   Shandong Luda Packing Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing series of stretch film, the production of the three-tier, multi-layer co-extruded stretch film, product width from 500-2000mm.                                      

   Over 2015 to reach LUDA is a fruitful year was fourteen years of development history, the best performance of the year,to achieve leap frogdevelopment. Sell ​​more products for stretch film, forage film, tons of bags, tape, plastic trays, steel side boxes, light stretch film sold more than 40 cabinets, very excited about the whole company morale. In conclusion, our comprehensive quality and enhance the capacity of creating a Such a good situation.

   In fact, the entire stretch film industry during the year and depressed, low value-added film products, while raw material prices have been rising, Stretch processors are already small profit margins. Many people will wonder why the situation in the market is not good, but rather Ruda extremely hot? This is because it is in Luda this environment, all for the benefit of customers, all from the customer needs

   Departure, efforts to improve product quality and technical level. Such as the introduction of the latest high-speed automatic 2.35 m wide layer co-extrusion stretch film / cling film unit, which contains the automatic loading and unloading paper tube device that can actually reduce the production cost, the real savings and energy-saving operation manual. Before the industry can do daily output of 15 tons has been quite good, but we can at minimal price increases, the daily output will sharply.

   To 20 tons per day, the user can not you say it with us! Stretch of low profits, if we make one ton of film costs 100 or 150, and that it establish a huge advantage in the market. Many companies will therefore switching to our products, such as Langchao Group, formerly with the products of other manufacturers, with our products,the cost has fallen. Customers say, we can help them make a real stretch film,So obvious advantages of money contributed to the strong sales and a good annual benefits of our products.

  Wide range of applications of stretch film products, such as export pallets with stretch film packaging can be moisture proof and shock. I have visited east China's chemical fiber plant, the amount of their use of stretch film is staggering. These drinks like Coca-Cola manufacturer, the finished bottles on pallets to be used for film packaging. Further large-scale modern logistics market for printing and is also a great amount of stretch film.Stretch film market in recent years the growth rate of 3-5 times more than in the previous year, we export Stretch to sell the 10 cabinet has been very great, and this year has sold more than 30 counters.


  2015 has achieved unprecedented success, not only for our customers packaging Ruda highly recognized and accepted, more has been greatly inspired enterprising Ruda employees. Under the strong pressure of market competition, we are dedicated, innovative, real for domestic and foreign customers with high quality, very high-quality stretch film market competitiveness.

  2016 will be an exciting year. Located in Jinan Jiyang thirty thousand square meters modern new plant has been erected, and soon put into use. China has gone through the era of low-cost low-quality, Ruda also with international standards, with the new plant this larger platform, processing equipment, quality will be improved, product positioning in high-quality,high efficiency line, focusing on the development of high the price of high-end production Products, and configure advanced mold, thickness and other automated equipment, new and old customers at home and abroad for the design and production of more mature, better and more cost-effective stretch film.

  With the introduction of professional investment in technology and scientific research and technology, Ruda package now has its own proprietary products and brands. Although some people imitate us in the market, but the essence of Ruda not casually be able to learn, the key to precision, software programs are difficult to imitate Moreover, imitation is never surpassed.We shall also continue to develop more advanced products,Let imitators never catch up, leading the development of stretch film industry.

  By 2016, we will be based on the domestic this basis, efforts to increase international operations. High quality requirements of foreign customers, promote our level of improvement. They can accept a higher price is reasonable, and the wider international market, which we are willing to invest more effort in overseas markets financial reasons. Ruda export ratio of about one-third of packaging products, exported to the United States, Russia,Spain, Argentina and more than 50 countries and regions, the increase of foreign workers to absorb imperative. May Guangzhou Chinaplas exhibition preparatory work is being carried out as planned and orderly, it will be more foreign participation in the exhibition, such as the recent Russia, India show. Strength in all aspects of technology, manufacturing has improved, take the road of internationalization will be more smooth.

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