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   Shandong Luda packaging co.,ltd was formally established in 2001, Luda is a research, production, sales and exports of integrated packaging business. The main production and sale of stretch film, packing tape,silage film, plastic pallet, steel side boxes, packing tape, tons bags,paper corner protector and other packaging materials。Having the most professional technical team and sales team, taking the lead in the industry, since its establishment, always adhere to the product of high quality, high standard, strict, for the core competitiveness of the enterprise survival.

Brand Story

Shandong Luda packaging formerly known as Jinan Luda packaging ,which dates back to 2001. Companies from Russia, was the introduction of advanced production equipment, and set up the stretch film packaging production workshop. But the initial business is limited to local SMEs to provide packaging materials ……

Kai Hang

In 2003, Mr. Shi Falong entrepreneurs keen to discover the potential development prospects Luda packaging business, the original film packaging production workshop reorganization of "Luda packaging" for the company's flagship brand Shandong Luda Packing Co., Ltd. . The introduction of many years experience in senior professional team.


Spring Day


In 2007, the NPC Standing Committee adopted the draft anti-monopoly law, release the transnational monopolies curb competition hands. Luda packaging business began substantial rapid growth, at the same time began to Russia, Europe and South America's export trade, formally entered the international packaging market.


"Crises" in the machine


In 2008, in the fight against the financial crisis, still decided to choose Luda packaging continue to increase investment. Resolute decision to invest in Heze in Shandong Rizhao plant two production lines and two new factory project. Luda packaged in a crisis with great insight force, successfully grasp development opportunities.

Flex minor


In 2009, the company has two production plants in Shandong, Heze and Rizhao plant project broke ground and set up responsible for overseas operations of Russian companies in Russia. The company introduced a large number of high-quality management team, sales achieved rapid growth. Luda packaging Shandong ranks to become the second largest manufacturer of stretch film and other packaging materials.


Pupate into a butterfly


In 2010, a factory in Heze and Rizhao project completion.


Cross-system supplier


2015 Luda packaging stretch film packaging materials plant in Shenyang plant completed, Luda packaged with a packaging material to provide enterprise service capabilities.


Growth transformation formula


With the internationalization of the company organizational structure, increase the level of development of information management and cross-cultural management skills, relationships with customers Luda packaging from a "Chinese area suppliers" up to "international supply strategic partner."

Luda's Core Value:

Rights and Wrongs – Users are always right while we need to constantly improve ourselves.

Development Concept – Entrepreneurship and innovation spirits

Interests Concept – Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination
Rights and Wrongs Sense of “Users Are Always Right, While We Need to Improve Ourselves” Is the Driving Force for Luda to Create Values for Users.

According to Luda’s employees, users are always right; therefore, they not only try their best to meet users’ requirements, but also create various choices for users; Luda’s employees think that they need to constantly improve themselves because only in this way can they constantly deny, challenge and transcend themselves to realize achievement by establishing innovation out of change.

Two Spirits (entrepreneurship and innovation spirits) Is the Gene for Luda’s Unchangeable Culture.


Luda’s unchangeable concept gene not only guides every employee’s development, but also restrains their value. The concept gene of “Customers are always right while we need to constantly improve ourselves” demands that each employee should have the two spirits of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Interest Concept of Win-win Mode of Individual-Goal Combination Provides Guarantee for Luda’s Sustainable Development

   Luda concerns the interests of all stakeholders including employees, users, and stockholders. In the Internet era, only the organizations composed of Luda, users, and shareholders become many COIs. In order to fulfill this objective, Luda constantly creates business model innovations, thus gradually forms and perfects Win-win Model of Individual-Goal Combination full of Luda characteristics, “Individual” refers to the employees with two spirits of entrepreneurship and innovation; “Goal” is users’ value. Each employee creates value for users in different ZZJYT to fulfill their own values. As a result, the value of the enterprise and stockholders are naturally fulfilled.