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Corporate Philosophy System

Corporate Philosophy System

Luda founded in 2001, grew up in the era of the wave of reform and opening up. 15 years, has always been to create a user Ruda value as the goal, all the way to entrepreneurship and innovation, through brand strategy, diversified development strategy, international strategy, global brand strategy four stagesof development, in 2012 entered the fifth stage of development – network strategy stage, Ruda has developed into a global packaging products brands.
Luda's vision and mission is to become the leading industry, the first user's preferred packaging products competitive service providers. Ruda through the establishment of one single one win-win model of independent management body, internally, to create a closed-loop dynamic mesh node tissue, foreign, to build an open platform, a global leader in the packaging industry and rule makers, the whole process-driven user experience the reality leader in network integration, the creation of the Internet era of world-class brand.
"Tao of Luda" that is innovative way, its meaning is: to produce first-class talent to create mechanisms and platforms, thereby continuing to create value for customers, thus forming one single one win culture. Meanwhile, Luda to the concept of "No successful business, only the times of business", to build Everlasting century enterprise, a business can go far, depending on the business for their own values, which is the corporate strategy landing, cornerstone resist temptation.
Luda's core values ​​are:
Right and wrong – to users is that with their non
Development – entrepreneurship and innovation
Interest – one single one win

"Forever is a user-to own than" right and wrong is the driving force Luda create users.
Luda people will never to user is not only to meet the needs of users, but also to create customer demand; Luda people always thinking not only thinking not to continue to deny themselves, challenge themselves, reinvent themselves – to change the system realization to change and the win.
Both the formation of inherent genetic characteristics of Haier Sustainable Development: do not change because the world changes, development of the times and development.
This gene plus each Ruda's "two hit" (entrepreneurship and innovation) spirit, the ability to form the core characteristics Ruda maintain a competitive edge in the ever changing market: changes in the world pang, the user changes more quickly, heritage the longer.
Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of two founding cultures Ruda same gene.
Ruda same gene concept is both guidance staff personal development, as well as constraints on employee values. "Forever user is in their own non" concept with two genes require employees to create personal spirit.
That pioneering spirit of entrepreneurship, Luda encourage every employee should have the entrepreneurial spirit, from the business becomes self-management, the impossible becomes possible, become their own CEO;
The nature of the spirit of innovation is to create differentiated value. Create differentiated value comes from creating new user resources.
Two founding spirit of the core is to emphasize the lock first competitive goal. Adhere to the same goal, but the goal should be to achieve the vision of an open, effective integration, the use of all resources.
One person alone is a win-win concept of interest Ruda continuity of safeguards.
Luda Haier all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders. Network era, Luda and sub-suppliers, partners together to form a network of organizations, forming a community of interests, to create a win-win sharing value. Only sustained win-win situation for all stakeholders, Ruda be possible to achieve sustainable development. To achieve this goal, Ruda ongoing business model innovation, and gradually improve the people have Ruda distinctive single one win-win model, "people" that has two founding spirit of the staff; "single" that users value. Each employee to create different autonomous body of the user value, and thus realize their own value, corporate value and shareholder value naturally been reflected.
Each employee establishes the contract by adding independent management body and users, from the management to self-management, self-management from the business to achieve "independence, autonomy, self-propelled," which is humanity fully released.
One person alone win-win model provides equitable opportunities for staff, the results of a fair mechanism platform to play two founding spirit of each employee to provide resources and mechanisms of protection, so that each employee can take the initiative in the form of self-organization of innovation in order to change the system to change and the win.

Our company culture is created every day by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals who work here.
We do not pin list of values on the wall. They are expressed in the way  we work, with each other and with our clients.
Open, informal, flexible communicationssets the tone in our company. We work together to deliver top-quality,tailored solutions our clients expect, all around the world. Solutionsthat can only come from teams bringing fresh ideas, differentperspectives and individual flair, but also to work continually to create a deeper understanding of their business. 
Our employees are people who areself-directed and operates with a high degree of professional autonomy.
We do our best to help you thrive, so that we can continue to exceedour client’s expectations.

We shall contribute to international society through creating new technologies and developing new products.
(For New Technology Network)

Creation of original technologies.
Offering the technologies for additional values and service that are suitable for each customer and end user.
Improvement of employees' standard of living, distribution of fair returns to stockholders, and contribution to society based on the steady growth of our business.
Promotion of globalization, and formation of management systems/ corporate organization which are essential for Luda, as aninternational leading company.