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Luda stretch film is at room temperature, the use of mechanical deformation stress stretching device or manually forcibly stretched film produced will bind tightly to facilitate cargo transport, storage and packaging a way that is very popular internationally A package form. Imported resin and first

Spread into the film extrusion process. Having tensile properties, tear resistance, penetration resistance, the transparency, and good self-adhesive retraction rate, packing tightly, not loose and so on. It can be widely used in chemical raw materials, fertilizer, food, machinery and electronic products, textile

Products, such as single or tray packaging and other bundled package.

Luda packaging stretch film production is divided into two categories:

Hand stretch film and machine stretch film.

Weight and size can be customized according to customer requirements.

Luda paper corner protector, also known as cardboard, edge boards, angle paper, paper angle, the sets Corner yarn of the paper and linerboard machine stereotypes through repression, both ends of the surface is smooth, no glitches, and perpendicular to each other . Can replace 100% recycled wood, it is the ideal new green packaging materials.

Widely used in electronic appliances, high-tech products, home Ju products such as packaging and transportation.

► Advantages

1, can play a role in strengthening the tray of goods in transit, in order to avoid damage to the goods on the corner edge in handling, packing, transport.

2, in the handling process can also protect and support products,

3, it is with packing tape (or tied me membrane) used together, so that the original loose piecemeal The cartons, sheet metal, metal tubes, electronic components and other items become solid overall, to prevent goods tilt, collapsed.

4, lifting the packaging is very easy, just cut the strap tied me film or on the line.

5, increasing pressure stacked cartons on the four corners of the paper for angle carton, can enhance the stacking strength of the carton, cushion when subjected to external shocks, the carton can also be stacked together without squeezing inside article.

6, can be tailored according to the different specifications and requirements.

Common specifications of paper angle ►
              30 * 30 * 3 (mm) 40 * 40 * 3 (mm)
              40 * 40 * 4 (mm) 40 * 40 * 5 (mm)
              45 * 45 * 3 (mm) 45 * 45 * 4 (mm)
              45 * 45 * 7 (mm) 50 * 50 * 4 (mm)
              50 * 50 * 5 (mm) 80 * 80 * 4 (mm)
              80 * 80 * 5 (mm) 80 * 80 * 7 (mm)

Can be customized according to customer size, any length, the length is generally not more than three meters, more than 3 meters inconvenient transportation.

Luda steel side boxes is a new packaging structure, using plywood and galvanized steel laminated together, the overall product removable fold; through product features can often be reused for more than 3 times, and cost more than disposable wooden packaging to save a lot of boxes.


 1, the size can be customized according to customer requirements, can provide the appropriate packaging solutions from our designers;

 2, the product lightweight, rugged, small footprint, folding rate, extremely effective saving transport and storage space;

 3, flexible way to allow package handling work could easily be repeated loading and unloading;

 4, cost more than other forms of packaging to save a lot;

 5, in line with national export packaging and quarantine standards, it can be exported directly without fumigation heat treatment;
 6, packaging beautiful and clean, can print any form of graphics and text in the body surface, to enhance value-added products;

 7, the cushioning material may be added depending on the customer's product requirements to ensure safe packaging of goods;

 8, since the product uses no nails of the job, completely eliminated in the packaging process due to improper handling and assembly tools and manpower so that the product appears damaged, and to significantly reduce the risk of worker injury occurred during loading and unloading of.

Technical details load-bearing requirements:

2500KG or less suitable for product packaging, special circumstances can be designed reinforcement;

Specifications Design:

Case side length between 100mm ~ 3500mm and can be designed and manufactured. Products detachable box is a new packaging structure, using plywood and cold rolled and galvanized steel laminated together, the overall product removable fold;

It can usually be reused for more than 3 times, and packaging costs than disposable wooden crates to save a lot.


The product is widely used in logistics, machinery and electronics, ceramics, building materials, electrical hardware, precision instrument, consumable goods and oversized items such as transport and packaging industry products, materials meet export quarantine requirements, replacing quarantine fumigation tedious, applies to international remote logistics use, high temperature pressing process to completely remove any harmful biological substances, export fumigation, quarantine, Free commodity inspection, can with "no wood packaging" statement then export formalities for exemption of export products in the importing country well Clearance.

Plastic pallet in order to facilitate loading and unloading the truck with plate load surface and cargo handling, transportation, storage and distribution, such as the use of socket configuration. It is the logistics industry in the most humble, but everywhere a logistics equipment, static cargo into the primary means of moving goods, are widely used in the plastic tray after the introduction of logistics and transport industry. The logistics industry has become an important instrument.

Ruda plastic tray divided according to appearance:

1, the use of double-sided plastic tray

Double-sided flat plastic tray

Double-sided plastic mesh tray

2, single use plastic tray

Nine feet flat plastic tray; nine feet of plastic mesh trays

Tin plate-shaped plastic tray; Tian-shaped grid of plastic pallets

Chuan flat shaped plastic tray; Sichuan grid-shaped plastic tray

3, lightweight plastic pallets

(Disposable packaging for exports or export packaging use less product carrying capacity use)

Products can be divided into a grid-type and flat type.

Divided according to different use:

1. Shelf plastic tray

2. Ground week transformation plastic tray

3. Stacking plastic tray

4. Lightweight plastic tray

5. Packing Disposable plastic export pallets

Divided by application and industry:

Exports of plastic pallets, plastic transport pallets, plastic moisture-proof pad, moisture-proof plastic pallets, plastic pallets forklift, shelves plastic tray, logistics plastic trays, plastic food trays, plastic beer tray, plastic tray beverage, chemical plastic pallets, plastic pallets tobacco, machinery plastic trays, electronic plastic pallets, plastic pallets Salt, stacking plastic trays, plastic trays standard transport, ports plastic trays, plastic trays, and other containers.

High grass silage stretch film produced by our company, and good adhesion, strong gas density, long shelf life, easy to transport, for a variety of grass, straw and corn silage variety of packaging for storage. The company has strong technical force and a strong marketing team so that products are sold to dozens of foreign countries and regions, there are also more than 10 domestic provinces and autonomous regions are the extensive use of our plant products, and get a good income.

Grass silage film wrapping silage advantages:

A. less investment and quick, high overall efficiency .B. Good silage quality, high crude protein content, low crude fiber content, high digestibility, palatability, fragrance and substantial increase in livestock meat. Milk quality and yield. C. losses and waste very little mildew damage and feeding losses are greatly reduced .D long shelf life of up to 1 – 2 years .E not seasonal, sun, rain and groundwater impact, in the open air stacked .F. convenience store, take the easy feeding .G. conducive to transport and commercialization, used stretch film can be reused, improving the environment, no pollution, no liquid leakage into the ground.

Tons bags (also known as Container / Space bag / flexible container / ton bag / ton bag / Space bag / bags PIP): It is a kind of flexible transport containers. With moisture, dust, radiation-resistant, strong security advantages, but also has sufficient strength in the structure. Because Container handling, transportation is very convenient, handling efficiency improved significantly in recent years has developed rapidly. Container usually used polypropylene, polyethylene and other textiles made of polyester fiber. It can be widely used in chemical, building materials, plastics, minerals and other types of powder, granular, massive items of packaging is ideal for storage and supplies, transportation and other industries. Specific features are as follows:

Container is a flexible packaging container transport, widely used in food, grains, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, minerals and other powdery, granular, bulk goods transport packaging, developed countries generally use as a transport container bags, warehousing and packaging products.

Also known as flexible container bags, tons of bags, space bags, a variety of English translation, FIBC, container unit is a one kind of instrument, with a crane or forklift, you can achieve container unit of transport, it is suitable for the shipment bulk powder and granular bulk materials.

Container Standard

China's Container standard: now do is GB / T10454-2000, which is modified from the old standard GB / T 10454-1989.