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What are the different effects of different types of tea?

What are the different effects of different types of tea?

In this paper, the main basis for the classification of the six major categories of tea in China is explained from the perspective of fermentation. Some of the processing techniques of the tea in the fermentation process are incense, some are color, some are different, but not all. Is called "fermentation" that are the same effect. In this, this article for everyone to sort out the six tea tea health effects. as follows:
① green tea is not fermented tea, and fermentation is not associated with the association. Green tea as passivation of the enzyme, only the role of the use of heat so that the transformation of the contents of substances to form a unique green tea flavor, and maintain the "green" features. So called green tea.

Green tea health effects: catechins and other polyphenols are recognized as green tea in the health of the key ingredients, with a variety of health functions, including the prevention of cancer, improve cardiovascular health, weight loss, resist ionizing radiation. In addition, green tea, or the most types of vitamins, the most abundant tea. Compared with other tea, green tea is better anti-cancer effect. A number of studies have shown that green tea can reduce the breast, prostate, lung, mouth, bladder, colon, stomach, pancreas and other parts of the risk of tumor. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, green tea slightly cold, help Reduce Pathogenic Fire, Wei Han people should drink less, and easy to get angry, body hot body hot body should drink.
② white tea, yellow tea is a semi-fermented tea in light fermented tea. White tea is a mild fermentation of enzymatic oxidation during withering. Yellow tea is a series of chemical processes such as polyphenols oxidation, proteolysis and so on under wet and dry heat. White tea dry tea gray green hair white, tea light apricot yellow; yellow tea yellow soup yellow.

White tea, yellow tea health effects: the chemical composition of white tea and green tea is generally closer. From some related literature reports, compared with other tea, white tea antibacterial effect is better. In addition, white tea also has a good anti-radiation effect, in the United States and Europe, white tea extract is used for the development of facial skin care products. White tea is cool, can drop fire to dry. On the health effects of yellow tea is relatively small, and green tea and black tea, warm and warm compared to the taste of the characteristics of yellow tea in between the two, ordinary people are almost suitable.
③ green tea is a semi-fermented tea, on behalf of oolong tea. Oolong tea fermentation is the most sophisticated, enzymatic and thermal effects in the processing process are involved, constitute a unique aroma and taste. Oolong tea variety, the total content of aroma substances than other tea. Qingcha dry tea color green brown, soup color to yellow-based, due to different levels of fermentation supplemented by orange or orange-red.

Green tea health effects: In addition to green tea and black tea in the common catechin, tea polysaccharide, tea saponin, oolong tea also contains some special functional components. For example, some oolong tea varieties rich in "methylated catechin ingredients", with anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, protect liver cells, lower blood pressure and other functions. From a number of related literature reports, compared with other tea, oolong tea in weight loss is better. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, oolong tea nature, can clear the body heat accumulation, especially for autumn drinking, can alleviate Qiuzao.

④ black tea is also semi-fermented tea, also known as post-fermented tea! In the concept of Pu'er tea, "post-fermentation" is an extension of the name, in essence, refers to the post-fermentation is made of dried tea hair fermentation. Post-fermented tea types are also more, have been Ottawa heap, the use of microorganisms directly constitute the role of tea, tea, the unique quality. Pu'er cooked tea is a kind of black tea, the taste of concentrated alcohol with Chen Xiang, and other black tea are significantly different. Black tea, dry tea, dark brown, soup color to theaflavin tea red and brown tea the proportion of three, from orange to dark red variable. Such as the oxidation of catechin polymerization into theaflavin tea red, etc., soup color will turn red, which is one of the reasons for the taste change and alcohol.

Black tea health effects: Pu'er tea and Fu brick tea is the representative of different types of black tea, the active ingredients are different, but they have lipid-lowering effect. At this stage of research shows that Pu'er tea has hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic, anti-viral and other health functions, lipid-lowering effect may be related to the statins; Fuzhuan tea also has a good cellulite to greasy, lipid-lowering diet . Black tea in a variety of minerals, and there are a lot of content is higher than other types of tea. Black tea, warm, help keep warm, suitable for Deficiency physique drink.
⑤ black tea is the whole fermented tea, polyphenolic substances are the most fully enzymatic oxidation of tea. Tea taste and alcohol, a unique fragrance of flowers or honey, "cold after muddy" is a good concentration of tea performance. Qimen black tea "geraniol" and Yunnan big-leaf black tea with "Linalool" are high-quality black tea special quality. Black tea, red, brown, red, bright red soup.
Tea health benefits: theaflavin is the most important functional ingredients in black tea. A large number of medical studies have shown that drinking black tea can help regulate the human arterial low-density lipoprotein and high-density lipoprotein levels, thereby reducing the incidence of cardiovascular disease. In addition, theaflavin can also be anti-oxidation, anti-cancer, prevention of chronic inflammation and obesity. From the existing literature reports, compared with other tea, the general effect of black tea to prevent cardiovascular disease is better. From the Chinese point of view, the black tea of ​​warm, there is the role of Nuanwei, Deficiency physical and the elderly should drink the temperature of the black tea.

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