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The upcoming Lunar Year of the Rooster is 384 days

The upcoming Lunar Year of the Rooster is 384 days

Another more than a month, the Lunar New Year Dingxi chicken years will come. Astronomy experts said that the Lunar New Year is a leap year, starting from January 28, 2017 to February 15, 2018 end, a total of 384 days.

Astronomical education experts, Tianjin Astronomical Society, said Zhao Zhiheng, in the Gregorian calendar, the Earth revolves around the sun a week for a return to the year, the average 365 days, 366 days leap year. The traditional Chinese lunar calendar is based on the cycle of the moon's lack of change, a month of about 29.5306 days, 12 months for 354 days or 355 days, 11 days less than the solar calendar.

If you allow the lunar calendar and the number of days between the solar calendar so the difference down, it will appear in the summer over the phenomenon. In order to solve this contradiction, the ancients used to set the leap month method. The current lunar intercalation method is "nineteen years seven leap", that is, in the 19 lunar year with 7 leap years. Lunar leap year because more than a leap month, so there are 383 days a year to 385 days, while the Lunar New Year in general 353 days to 355 days.

Zhao said that the upcoming Lunar New Year has a "leap month in June," therefore, the chicken year a total of 6 months, 29 days a month and 7 months, 30 days a month, a total of 384 days a year. The last time such a situation is the 2014 Lunar New Year. 2017 years after the re-emergence of such a situation is the 2020 Lunar New Year.

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