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Jiangsu old ginkgo tree grow “face” at least 200 years old

Jiangsu old ginkgo tree grow “face” at least 200 years old

The trunk grew a "face", this strange thing happened in the high-Gangdong Chengdongcun a family, the villagers Miss Qi to the evening Baoliao, a few years ago she found an old house in front of their own Ginkgo tree trunk a bit strange, and later more and more like the face pattern, eyes have nose and mouth. She would like to ask experts to explain, this is how the same thing.

Ms. Qi said the ginkgo tree in front of the house is her husband's ancestors planted, the trunk is very thick, need two adults hand in hand to hold it. The old man in the village can not tell how long the tree, she saw the newspaper published a 90-year-old ginkgo tree, but with their own tree than a lot, it seems much smaller, Miss Qi speculated, Own the tree at least 200 years old.

This tree is not only age-old, but also was a source of income Qi family.

"About 30 years ago, ginkgo prices are high, and this tree is big and willing to result in those years each year by the tree fruit and leaves will be able to earn 20,000 yuan, while the average worker every month The wages of tens of dollars, in that era, it is to feed our family. "Qi said.

A few years ago to grow face patterns

This tree is not the beginning of Zhang face pattern, but in recent years slowly formed. "Nose mouth all eyes, looks like an old man, and more like the past two years.

Ms. Qi home tree to hear the appearance of the face looks like, near the villagers to the onlookers, relatives and friends will be photographed after seeing the photo with the tree, Ms. Qi more and more proud of the tree. Once the people who bought the tree took a fancy to it, but when you see the face pattern, also feel very strange, that the tree is not general, if removed is likely to affect its growth, to give up the idea of ​​buying.

Would like to invite experts to explain this phenomenon

For the tree grows face pattern phenomenon, Ms. Qi in addition to that strange, on the other hand also worried about the health of trees may be a problem.

"The external performance of trees is a sign of their growth status, but I do not study the trees, now do not know the 'face' is far from the trees grow out of the natural shape of the strange, or the health of trees is a problem. The lady said.

Ms. Qi hopes to have trees experts to the scene to see, explain the tree grow "face" reasons, if you can confirm the age of trees to determine whether the trees belong to trees and trees, and provide some protection Measures are even better

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