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The world – class tourism resources in Sichuan Tibet tourism show strong stamina

The world – class tourism resources in Sichuan Tibet tourism show strong stamina

More than 50% of Sichuan's world-class, state-level tourism resources are distributed in Tibetan areas. Sichuan Tibet is the province's tourism development potential of one of the largest areas of Sichuan is the construction of the world's tourist destination an important support.

Early winter season, walking in Ganzi, Aba Tibetan provinces such as our province, in addition to color forest and ice and snow each other, the global tourism boom is blowing. In this year's West Bo, the Tibetan tourism in our province is a very productive tourism: Gongga West Loop Link 11 Lotus Lake, Royal Yela characteristics of tourism resort, customs and customs Street … … Ganzi Ganzi only Kangding three projects on the signing of 3.5 billion. Aba investment briefing on the total amount of 11.3 billion yuan signed 24 investment cooperation projects to the overall development of tourist attractions as the representative of the modern service industry, "three" accounted for half of the project.

With the support of the development of Tibetan areas across the major strategies such as the implementation of Sichuan Tibetan tourist traffic, facilities significantly improved. The development of tourism in the Tibetan areas of Sichuan has played a significant role in promoting poverty alleviation, protecting the ecology, promoting opening up and promoting new urbanization. The goal is to solve the people's livelihood and ecological problems in the Tibetan areas of Sichuan and realize the grand goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way. Significant.

At present, Sichuan Tibet is in a new round of global tourism development of the critical period, the tourism industry has become an important driving force for economic and social development in Tibetan areas of Sichuan. In 2014, the "Three-year Action Plan for Tourism Development in Sichuan Tibetan Areas" (2014-2016) promulgated by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government clearly stated that "the focus of the work in Tibetan areas should be shifted to the development of eco-tourism economy, Ecological and economic development model, "a major strategic plan, overall planning to promote regional development in Tibet has achieved remarkable results. During the "thirth Five-Year Plan" period, Sichuan to build the province's tourism development "511" a new pattern, that is, five regions, 10 major tourist destinations, 10 tourism fine lines, which focus on the construction of Sichuan Jiuzhai World Heritage Tourism Destination, G318 / 317 The most beautiful landscape Boulevard world tourism destination, the Great Shangri-La – ring Gongga world mountain eco-tourism destination, the Great Shangri-La – ring Aden mountain tourism destination, build nine ring "World Heritage" line, Sichuan 318 / 317 State Road, "the most beautiful landscape" tourist routes, "Shangri-La" cultural and eco-tourist routes, and other fine tourist routes.

This year the National Tourism Administration to determine a new global tourism strategy, Ganzi and Aba become the first batch of pilot areas. Large Jiuzhai, the Shangri-La, the Pan-West and other world-class tourist destination is also relying on the Sichuan-Tibet regional tourism "wings", not only with ethnic minority areas of economic and social "fly", will accelerate the Sichuan International Tourism Destination Construction.

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