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What’s the usage for stretch film?

What’s the usage for stretch film?

 Use more and more plastic packaging film, but also rich in species, not only the packaging of vegetables, fruit packaging film, as well as packaging dried fruit, spices packaging film, the material they are not the same, is a soft plastic, It is a hard plastic. Previously, whether in vegetables, fruit stalls, or in the dried fruit, spices stalls, packaging films used are the same, are rolled. Today, they are classified, upgrade, fruits and vegetables and spices, dried fruit packaging films separated.

 Different packaging film used to package different products. Rigid plastic packaging film used to wrap seasoning, can not easily be punctured, as aniseed and other spices are angular, more pointed, easily punctured bags. The hard plastic film relatively hard, high mechanical strength, horned seasoning is also regrettable that it can not be.

  Green packaging is the current development trend of international environmental protection needs, but also represent the development trend of countries in the packaging industry, it is to improve the market competitiveness of products, to avoid one of the important content of the new trade barriers
Biodegradable plastic packaging stretch film having both functions and features traditional plastics but also after completion of life, through the action of microorganisms in soil and water by the sun's ultraviolet rays or role in the degradation of the natural environment division. Eventually re-enter the reduced form of the ecological environment, the return to nature.

Main Features Benefits
(1) reduce air pollution: due to a significant thinning of the thickness of the pre-stretched stretch film, packaging the same amount of goods was also significantly reduced, resulting in reduction of total traffic, thus reducing transport energy consumption and exhaust emissions reduction the pollution of the atmospheric environment.
(2) reduce the amount of waste disposal: Packaging the same goods, the amount of pre-stretch film is significantly reduced, so the stretch film processing amount of post-consumer recycled, corresponding to a decrease of about 50%.
(3) recycling: green stretch film, using a common device can be recycled 100% recycled granulated at the factory. Can reduce environmental pollution, but also save the cost of recycled packaging.
(4) reduce the overall cost of packaging: The green film instead of the traditional stretch film, in the use of total significantly reduced, so its use costs, transportation costs and storage costs are reduced.
(5) easy to use, high efficiency: Because Green Stretch, conducted pre-stretching process technology, considerable effort to use without special packaging machine and a dedicated packaging space, young and old can operate. Under the same weight of this green stretch film per roll length than the average length of stretch film per roll more than doubled when packaging can reduce the frequency of replacement of film roll, and in transport, packaging and dissemination You can also save costs.

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