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The world’s most fun five airports simply do not want to fly away

The world’s most fun five airports simply do not want to fly away

Airports are dull places where bored passengers kill time eating rubbish food they don’t want and buying stuff they’ll never need. Right?

Wrong! Many of today’s terminals around the world offer great entertainment, dining and shopping, with so much on offer you’re almost tempted to miss your flight.

1: Changi Airport, Singapore

It’s the only one in the world with its own butterfly garden, and each of the three terminals has its own indoor playground and video game area.

If you have a long wait you could always watch the latest blockbuster at the free cinema, head to the cactus, orchid or sunflower gardens or take a dip in the rooftop swimming pool.

2: Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea

A five-minute free shuttle bus ride will take you to the SKY72 Golf Club, with three courses and a driving range.

There are seven gardens inside the terminal, an ice rink, a spa and the Museum of Korean Culture. There is even a casino.

3: Dubai Airport, UAE

It has its own health club with a Jacuzzi, gym and swimming pool, or you can zone out in the Zen Garden.

The weary can snooze in a sound-proofed pod with a bed for a while.

4: Hong Kong Airport

Not only does it have its own IMAX cinema, the airport is home to GreenLive AIR, a hi-tech space offering both nine and 18-hole golf simulations.

For kids, there’s the Dream Come True Education Park, where they take part in role-playing jobs, or the Aviation Discovery Centre, with themed exhibits and graphics, and the SkyDeck runway viewing platform.

5: Munich Airport, Germany

Head to the outdoor Visitors’ Park to check out the historic aircraft (Lockheed Super Constellation, Douglas DC-3 and a Junkers Ju52), try mini-golf, watch the planes from the viewing hill or browse in the souvenir shop.

For kids, there’s Kinderland, a fun paradise with a big “adventure plane”, films, games, arts and crafts, and a lounge for their weary parents to relax in.

And, of course, since we’re in Bavaria there’s a beer garden!


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